Help Veterans by providing them with a support system consisting of a partnership between Veterans and their families, VA Healthcare Professionals, community groups, and Veteran Service Organizations.

Our Members:

  • Veterans
  • Family Members
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Community Partners
  • Veteran Service Organizations
  • All ages, genders, and races

Our Duties:

  • Address policy questions and concerns
  • Advocate for new programs
  • Educate about mental illness and other medical conditions
  • Reduce stigma
  • Advocate for recovery


  • An interest in helping Veterans
  • Regular attendance at meetings
  • Monthly participation
  • One-Year commitment
  • Respectful attitude

Participation contributes to the victory process that overcomes any physical, emotional, mental, and/or social crisis.

Participation helps each Veteran live a productive life in a community of his or her choice.

Council Meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 10:30am – 12:00pm at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System Hospital in room 728.