May 2015

Ann Arbor Veterans Council
Meeting: June 23, 2015 Time: 10:30 – Noon Room: 728
Minutes for May meeting and AGENDA

April B. told us about a new long-term housing opportunity in Toledo for homeless Vets with mental or physical disabilities. Furnished one-bedroom homes and many amenities such as resource and supportive services are offered at the “The Commons at Garden Lake” community. For more information call 419-742-9025 or contact the website The Toledo CBOC will have a Veterans Claims and Benefits Fair on June 9, 9am to 3pm; also, on that day there will be a Veterans Affairs Info and Resource Fair from 4pm to 7pm that will offer information about programs and services for Veterans. John B. asked about how these events will be promoted and would a mass email be useful? April said a press release is used and VSO people are notified and the VA hallway TV system is presenting these events. Sending a mass email has problems with confidential/privacy issues. John asked if these types of events will happen at other VAAAHS locations. April will see how this goes; however, a “Resource Fair” will be part of Veterans Town Hall at the UM – Flint Campus on Tuesday, June 23, 6pm – 9pm. A new “Lunch and Learn Educational Series” has started and on June30, Tues., 12pm – 1pm in Room A-338 the event will focus on Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Awareness. These events are free and open to everyone – bring your own lunch. John asked about how many of “L & L” events will happen; April said once or twice a month is the goal and Town Hall meetings happen once a quarter at various VAAAHS locations. The FACEBOOK Town Hall events happen more often and they are receiving 200 to 900 participants. Let April know if the Council has a topic we want addressed during these events. John suggested using the Facebook database to send out important information. April said there is a place on the VAAAHS main website that people can subscribe to have emails sent to them; other websites can be useful for VAAAHS information: or or A VETERAN STAND DOWN in Genesee County will be on Friday, June 12 in Flint. April said plans are being worked on to have a “Hiring Fair” for Vets in Ann Arbor, possibly in October.

Alexander B. said his participation in the Veterans Panels for the Nursing Engagement Session (VA National Office of Patient Centered Care) and the National Experience committee and Office of Patient Centered Care was very positive. Everyone was concerned about how they can connect with Veterans and help us. VA staff from many different departments were involved with these events. A follow-up “improvements” report is very important; we will have future Guest Speakers to give us an update. Bo W. and Mark L. also participated, me too. We all thought that it was useful and the “Thank You” cards were good.
Mark L. suggested that we have a Guest Speaker talk with the Council about the Advance Directive. April said she will contact the Quality Care Coordinator (Jill) to see if she is available for our July meeting.

Mark L. said the U of M is planning to start a Veterans Law Clinic; a five-year pilot program is waiting for funding approval. A U of M “Military Appreciation” football game will happen November 9 against Rutgers. Season ticket fans will buy tickets for Veterans and active duty personnel.

Mark also had information about the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) Health Exchange Program. This program helps “Connect Your Docs” safely, securely and electronically. When you sign a VLER Health Exchange Authorization form you give your non-VA health care providers secure access to certain parts of your VA electronic health record. For more information go to website or call 1-877-771-VLER (8537).


1. Preliminary activities: Sign-in Sheet, Minutes acceptance, New Members.
2. Linda H.
3. Paul J.
4. April B.
5. Erik C.b
6. Open Discussion: future Guest Speakers and other Agenda items.
7. Other Thoughts, Topics, Comments, Suggestions.

Mark your calendar – Next Council meeting will be July 28 on Tuesday, 10:30 – Noon in Room 728.


  • Terry Keck
  • Gary Bourdeau
  • Don Behm
  • Ed Roberts
  • Joe Riedy
  • Ryan Christman
  • Paul Jingozian
  • Maurice Warren
  • Alex Beach
  • Lori Young
  • Erik Cuolahan
  • Felicia West
  • Mark Lyubkin
  • Kirk Lanam
  • Vincent Warren
  • Brian Rounsifer
  • Dave Reed
  • John Branstetter
  • Mark Lindke
  • Ray Pasquantonio
  • Linda Harrison
  • Billie Whittaker
  • Denny Moore
  • Derek Atkinson
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  • Lloyd Suter
  • Bruce Schultz
  • Larry Blanchard
  • Bob Board
  • Jon Luker
  • Rick Donley
  • Daniel Gerhardi
  • Rudy Beegen
  • Bo Westerkamp